Vocals: Staffan Karlsson
Guitars: Mathias Brask
Bass: Micke Höglund
Drums: Tommy Moon
Keyboards: Staffan Karlsson

Stiff contacted a bass player called Micke Höglund who was the former bass player of bands like Thunder (England), Great King Rat (Stockholm) and Tryckvåg (Mora).


They had played together in the younger years and stiff remembered Micke as a nice and funny guy with great skills on the bass.

Micke started to record song by song and Stiff was really impressed and felt that Mickes musicality made the songs more complete.

Now they started looking for the final line up, and they both liked a very local famous band called Beat the Brat that had the amazing drummer called Tommy Moon and guitarist Mathias Brask. And so the band was complete and rehersals began.

While Sins Stiff was working as a song writer for a major company, he was also writing songs with Gladys del Pilar (Afrodite) as she was doing a show in Gothenburg, including former Europe guitarist Kee Marcello. She suggested that Stiff should send a song to Kee for listening because she thought that Kee would like this song, and he did. He sent a mail to Stiff including words like wow , melodic, dramatic, sensitive, well played , amazing vocals, and it was the best song he had heard for a long long time in this genre, so he recorded the solos on this song called “You Had the World in Your Hands”

Another  guest player, Thomas Larsson, signed up as former lead guitarist. In Glenn Hughes’ band he made the solos on “Power of the Music” with his magic fingers.


Release Date: March 27th 2015