Archer Nation

Vocals, Guitars: Dylan Rose
Vocals, Bass: David De Silva
Drums: Keyhan Moini

Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA, Archer Nation is a young trio determined to deliver genuine and unrelenting hard rock and Heavy Metal music to fans everywhere.


Keyhan’s unique drumming, David’s masterful bass duties, and Dylan’s captivating blend of playing and singing make for an exciting modern take on the genre while paying homage to the Heavy Metal inspirations that drive them.

Archer has worked hard to climb the rock and roll heap and have no intention of slowing down as they continue to push towards greater heights, having already toured and performed alongside some of the genre’s biggest acts.
Archer’s 2015 studio release “Culling The Weak” was produced and mixed by legendary rock/metal producer Mike Clink in Los Angeles.
They have also recorded full-length albums with Sam Taylor (King’s X, ZZ Top) & Gilby Clarke of Guns and Roses/Rock Star Supernova fame.


Release Date: July 31st 2015