Black Explosion

Vocals: Chris Winter
Guitars: Chris Winter
Bass: Simon Haraldsson
Drums: Andreas Lindquist

In late 2003 Chris Winter took a flight from Sweden over to Los Angeles, USA with his former band Dollhouse. The mission was to record the bands successful debut album "The Rock & Soul Circus" together with one of their idols, legend Mike Davis from The MC5.


The album was recorded in two weeks while living together with Mike and his family. Angela Davis, Mike's wife and manager, also took Dollhouse under her wings and managed the band for a while. The album came out in September 2004 and

the guys celebrated the release by going on tour as a support for The MC5 all over Europe.

Nicke Andersson (The Hellacopters/ISE) was hired as a 2nd guitarist for the MC5 and during this tour he offered himself to produce the bands upcoming second album. In November 2006 the 2nd album “Royal Rendezvous” got released by French label Bad Reputation. The album was recorded in Acetone studio together with Nicke Andersson as a producer. The album got even more and better reviews and feedbacks in media than their debut. Nowadays the album got legendary status in the garage rock scene around the world.

The bands 3rd and last Rock N Roll revival album came out in Feb/March 2009; it was produced by Chris Winter himself and charted top 50 albums of 2009 in Classic Rock magazine. Dollhouse did over 200 gigs after the release including a show at the legendary German TV-program Rockpalast in October 2010, which also ended up as Dollhouse’s last gig ever.

Back from the tour the band entered the studio to record the fourth album, but the session went to hell and the band that already suffered of illness totally ran out of gas and decided to split up.

Chris Winter then took his rock and roll visions to create a spaced out, rock, fuzz and psyched out band called The Black Explosion. The musical style is rooted in Rock N Roll although it draws big influences from space-rock, soul, blues, noise and psych.


Release Date: October 18th 2013

Release Date: March 21st 2014

Release Date: May 27th 2016