Vocals: Mutz Hempel
Guitars: Mutz Hempel, Marcelo Vasquez
Bass: Fabian Harms
Drums: Felix Hoffmeyer

Direct! Massive! Talented! DRONE.

Modern, high quality thrash metal! Drone - four guys who have taken grasp of metal, delivering it as precise as a bullet from a gun on and off of the stage!

Their success is no hidden lie to the scene, Drone bring forth a highly important aspect to thrash metal across Europe, that's a fact.


In August of 2006 the band from Celle pushed through to win the „International Wacken Metal Battle“. The following busy year saw the release of their combined effort in the form of their debut album „Head on Collision“ which followed with worldwide tours with the likes of Overkill, Pro Pain and Ektomorf as well as a successive 2009 and 2010 China tour. Shows such as „Wacken Open Air“, „With Full Force“, „Inferno“(Norway), „Summer breeze“ and „Metal Mania“ (Czech Republic and Poland) are just other ingredients to an unforgettable band history!

The second Drone album „Juggernaut“ (March 2009) celebrated a great success and it was predicted that Drone’s party would never end. After a successive headliner tour, the band released their third studio album "For Torch and Crown" in June 2012 which even makes it to the States with impressive radio plays.

In April 2014 the fourth album, self-titled "DRONE", was released!


Release Date: June 29th 2012

Release Date: October 30th 2015