Masters of Metal

Lead, Rythm Guitars, Lead Vocals: Bernie Versailles
Lead, Rhythm Guitars: Juan Garcia
Bass, Backing Vocals: Robert Cardenas
Drums: Rigo Amezcua

Masters of Metal is the band launched by seasoned veterans and members of Agent Steel Juan Garcia (guitars), Bernie Versailles (guitars & vocals), Robert Cardenas (bass & backing vocals), Rigo Amezcua (drums). The vocal duties for the recordings were completed by lead guitarist Bernie Versailles, and this has been a blessing in disguise as Masters of Metal not only have maintained a dedicated fan base, but the group has also gained lots of support along the way.


The four-piece band released their debut EP in April 2013, which included 4 blistering metal missiles with everything that you can expect from the members of Agent Steel. Recorded by Bill Metoyer (Fates Warning, Trouble, GWAR), and mixed by mastermind Bernie Versailles who’s previous work includes Agent Steel’s comeback classics “Omega Conspiracy” (1999), “Order of the Illuminati” (2003) and “Alienigma” (2007). The 4th track “Lunacy” features lead guest vocals by James Rivera (Helstar), and Sean Peck (Cage, Death Dealer, Shermann/Denner) joining in on the Heavy Metal anthem. The EP featured sonic production, timeless songwriting and lots of scorching guitars, thundering bass and precision drumming. A promotional video for the track “Chameleon” was also released.

Masters of Metal has been working on the completion of their full length album for the last few years and in the process encountered some obstacles which included re-recording all the vocals on the album, with guitarist Bernie Versailles taking over the vocal duties along with engineering and co-producing the album. In October 2014, just as the album was being completed, Bernie Versailles sustained a brain injury and ended in a coma. Since then he’s been regaining his health and making a miraculous recovery. The album was completed by legendary producer Bill Metoyer tracking the last final song “Vengeance & Might” (which features lead vocals by James Rivera), along with some guest guitar solos from Helstar guitarist Larry Barragan, and Andrew Atwood. The band signed to Metalville Records and the album entitled “From Worlds Beyond” was released in late 2015.


Release Date: August 21st 2015