Vocals: Thiago Bianchi
Bass: Fernando Quesada
Guitars: Léo Mancini
Keyboard: Juninho Carelli
Drums: Aquiles Priester

What happens when members of Shaman join Aquiles Priester (Hangar/Tony MacAlpine), one of the greatest drummers of the world and count with the production of one of the main heavy metal singers, Russell Allen (Symphony X/Adrenaline Mob)?


The answer is NOTURNALL!

The new band arrives to shake the foundations of the Brazilian and international heavy metal scene with a modern, heavy, progressive and astonishing sound.

Thiago Bianchi, Aquiles Priester, Leo Mancini, Jr, Carelli and Fernando Quesada form a team that counts with the vast experience of the musicians on stages all around the world and a new kind of sound and attitude.

Noturnall’s first video clip was recorded in New York and features Russell Allen, producer of the band.

The album Noturnall, was released in January, 2014.


Release Date: March 28th 2014