Renaissance Of Fools

Vocals: Kjell Sjostorm
Guitars: Daniel Magdic
Bass: Bjorn Taumann
Drums: Magnus Karlsson

Maybe a new Prog Sensation……..

It all begun with a meeting of two musicians who found that they shared the same musical vision. Those two were Daniel Magdic, who has a background as guitarist and composer of Pain of Salvation, and Magnus Karlsson.


They teamed up with Björn Tauman and Mathias Henrysson to start the band Cudfish.

Cudfish was put to the grave when Magnus and Björn went to Los Angeles to study at LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy).

When they got back from LA Daniel, Magnus and Björn decided to pick up the work and started Renaissance of Fools. They started to rehearse and write songs, but at the time they didn’t have a singer.

In 2008 they met the very talented singer Kjell Bergendahl and the line-up was complete. They soon started recording their debut album which was mixed by Pelle Saether in Studio Underground. The mix was then sent to Alien Beans studio in USA where it was mastered by Ty Tabor of Kings X. The album also contains a guest appearance by Per Wiberg from Opeth.


Release Date: September 30th 2011

Release Date: June 26th 2015