Riot Horse

Vocals: Andreas "Adde" Sydow
Guitars: Nile "Neil" Schüttman
Bass: Joacim Sandin
Drums: Jonas Langebro

In 2006 the Danish/Swedish heavy band Sons Of Tomorrow decided to take a long time break. Guitarist Nille 'Neil' Schüttman have had a vision for many years. To set up a new heavy rock band with a more classic sound, inspired by bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Free or The Black Crowes. Bluesy, groovy and heavy riffing.


Just a couple of weeks after Sons Of Tomorrow announced their hiatus, Nille called some musicians and asked them to join. Some of them were old Sons Of Tomorrow fellows and some of them were new friends.

After jamming the new ideas Neil knew that this was not only going to be a temporary project. The seed of Riot Horse was sown.

By 2011 Neil had tried numerous different constellations for Riot Horse, but constantly found it difficult to keep the band together. He was just about to give it all up when he was convinced by bass player at the time, Anders Johansson, to give it one more try with a couple of guys Anders knew. In came Andreas Sydow, former metal vocalist of Darkane and drummer Jonas Langebro (ex. Bai Bang). The chemistry was instant and unquestionable. During the first rehearsals the songs started to come together.

A lot of the riffs that Nille had worked up through the years came together with Andreas melodies in a magical fusion. With Joacim Sandin (former band mate with Jonas in Bai Bang) replacing Anders on bass, the band was complete.

Riot Horse had found their sound!

Classic heavy rock that kicks ass, straight from the heart!!

Dirty, groovy and sexy...

Riot Horse became the winners of the wild card for this year’s Sweden Rock Festival


Release Date: May 30th 2014