Thobbe Englund

Vocals, Guitar: Thobbe Englund
Keyboard: Elon Andersson
Bass: Roland Westborn
Drum: Johan Grandin



Thobbe who? As a teenager he watched Yngwie Malmsteen shred his socks off in an instructional video, and from that moment he knew what to do.

Eight hours per day of burning passion and dedication well into his twenties led him to gain 100% control of the instrument, a Stratocaster - and this is where the journey starts.

In 2001 Thobbe got a record deal with a Finnish label focused on guitar oriented metal. The debut album with his band at the time ”Winterlong” sold splendid in Japan, a country who early on learned to appreciate guitar heroes.

In 2008 Thobbe was hungry for something new and joined the Swedish band Raubtier and went on a tour with the trio.

As things evolved he didn’t feel bass, which he played in Raubtier, was expressive enough so in 2012 when Sabaton called it was a no brainer to join in. Many albums, live dvd’s and almost 500 Sabaton shows later all over the world, headlining the biggest festivals such as Wacken, Woodstock and Sweden Rock Festival, Thobbe is now going back to the roots of heavy metal with the all new album ”Sold My Soul”.

The time has come to brush off the old school riffing and the shredding skills that Malmsteen once taught him. - ”This album was recorded without the, in these days so commonly used, ’studio cheating’-methods.

What you hear is what you get, and the album is loaded with one-takes. A brutally honest approach, and pure heavy metal”. So brace for the album ”Sold My Soul”, and a following tour throughout Europe and beyond.


Thobbe Englund - Sold my Soul (MV0130), 24.02.2017



Thobbe Englund - Before the storm (MV0131), 17.03.2017



Thobbe Englund - The draining of Vergelmer (MV0162), 16.02.2018