Transport League

Vocals, Guitars: Tony Jelencovich
Leadguitars: Peter Hunyadi
Bass: Dennis Österdal
Drums: Mattias Starander

When Tony Jelencovich recorded the first Transport League album at the end of 1994, he was still the vocalist of B-Thong. At that point the band was considered a side-project but when the album was finally released in February 1996, Tony had left B-Thong bedcause of musical differences. He just wanted to play his own music and decided to focus on Transport League and turn it into a proper band.


The reactions on "Stallion Showcase" were very good and the album was released almost worldwide so then the term “Boogie From Hell” came into existence.

Transport League then released several albums, “Superevil” in 1997 through Mascot Records and “Satanic Panic” in 2000 through Pavement Records that were all recorded with Roberto Laghi at his Oral Majority Recordings in Gothenburg/Sweden.

The album “Superevil” was released in April 1997 and great reviews and interviews were made all over Europe. They played as headliner in Scandinavia, France, The Netherlands and Switzerland. Transport League also played some major festivals here in Sweden such as Hultsfred festival in 1997, Arvika Festival in 2001 and the huge Dynamo Festival in Eindhoven/Holland in 1998.

The video clip "Magnetic Star" from the “Superevil” album was broadcasted on MTV Super Rock for about two months and the late release in the States has been really successful (Transport League was voted "Most Overlooked Band 98" by the Trade Magazine FMQB).

Transport League disbanded in 2005, but came back in 2009 with the original members.

The band recorded 14 songs for the comeback album ”Boogie From Hell” at IF Studios with producer Roberto Laghi (In Flames, Sonic Syndicate, Mustasch etc)

The new album ”Napalm Bats & Suicide Dogs” was produced by British Award winner & The Darkness producer Pedro Ferreira and once again mixed by mastermind Svein Jensen at Grand Recordings in Gothenburg, Sweden. The album rocks, grooves and sometimes bends towards doom & and a little punkier style as well. Listen to the tracks: Hallelujah Vampire, Burning Bible, Kill Kill Faster and  Monster Driven and you will understand what we are talking about. Enjoy the ride!


Release Date: September 26th 2014

Release Date: October 23rd 2015