Since their debut "Of the Son and the Father" in 2003, the band from Borlänge in Sweden has successfully cultivated their very own form of "retro", inspired by the exploits of legends such as Rainbow, Dio or Black Sabbath, combined with elements of modern heavy metal. A concept that has brought the band repeated chart success in Europe and Japan.
the riffs were and still are the foundation of the six Swedes, whereby the melodic elements were always given space in the individual pieces.
In their songs the Astral Doors also deal with controversial topics of our time, such as religion, terrorism and the future of all of us. The band proves that intelligent lyrics and heavy metal need not be contradictory.
Besides the "big themes" of this world, the Astral Doors also find their way to myths and horror stories.


2003: Of the Son and the Father (Cloudbreaker in Japan)

2005: Evil Is Forever

2006: Astralism

2007: New Revelation

2010: Requiem of Time

2010: Testament Of Rock (Best Of)

2011: Jerusalem

2014: Notes from the Shadows

2017: Black Eyed Children

2019: Worship Or Die


Line Up

Nils Patrik Johansson-Vocals

Joachim Nordlund-Guitars

Mats Gesar-Guitars

Jocke Roberg-Keyboards

Johan Lindstedt-Drums

Ulf Lagerstroem-Bass

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